How to Explain Drone-Based inspection to Your Boss

By Michael Cohen  -  Mar 27,   2017



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Drone-based inspections are helping companies to improve efficiency and quality of data while increasing safety and speed of operation. Being a new technology, which is still evolving, some people may not be aware of the potential benefits they can achieve using the UAVs to inspect their assets. As a person who understands and knows how the UASs can help your organization improve efficiency and revenue, here is how to explain drone based inspections to your boss.

Explain the current challenges of the traditional asset inspections

The first thing is to realize that there are several challenges with the traditional asset inspection methods. Most often, the boss is usually aware of the high costs, risks and the long time it takes to carry out a traditional inspection. Despite having this knowledge, the organization will most likely be looking at ways to improve on the methods but rarely looking at the drones as an alternative.

Let the boss know how drone based inspections will improve your company’s operations

Pointing put at the shortcomings of the traditional inspection methods that your company is using, explain to the boss how you can overcome these by employing drones. Ensure that you clearly point out the potential savings and benefits of the drone-based inspections.

Already there are a number of industries who are using drones to inspect a wide range of assets, including aerial photography, surveying, deliveries, asset inspections and more. Others are just starting while the rest are yet to make the decision. You should make your boss know about the potential disadvantages of not embracing the technology. While companies using the drones can quickly and safely produce detailed and accurate inspection data, the ones relying on traditional methods will find it hard to do so over the same period of time.

The scope of the drone applications vary from one company and needs to the other. The building industry, oil and gas, insurance, real estate and others with similar requirements are using drones to carry out a wide range of inspection.

There are several benefits of using drones to perform activities such as asset inspections which are traditionally risky, costly and time-consuming. In addition, it replaces the traditional methods that  are likely to produce inaccurate data due to human error and other factors.

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Propose how to start off the drone inspections

Based on your organization’s activities, ensure you have estimates for all the costs that will allow you start off the drone-based inspections. Currently, there two ways of operating the drones, you can either purchase or hire an inspection drone.

Purchasing your own drone

With this option, you should provide the boss with the material and cost requirements. The major component costs to include are;

  • Drone purchase cost
  • The cost of acquiring the sensors that will address your organization’s needs
  • Software applications for imaging and analytics
  • Training or hiring a drone pilot
  • Obtaining relevant permits and licenses
  • Type of data to gather and how to handle it - either upload to cloud or company servers
  • Network requirements

Hiring the drone inspection service

You should have researched and obtained the cost of hiring a drone that will address your needs. Consider other factors such as the relevant licenses required for that particular area. You will also need to confirm the type of data and reports the company provides after the inspections.

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Suggesting the right drone service

Purchasing a drone will appear more costly at the beginning, but it allows you to own and customize the drone to suit your unique requirements. If the boss is not yet ready to invest in the equipment, suggest that you start off by hiring the drone inspection services and then see how it works. If it does not meet your expectations, then you can put off the idea. But most likely, chances are that your boss will agree to your proposal after seeing the potential benefits of the drone-based inspections.

Either way, you should ensure that the proposed drone's system will collect information that is relevant and useful to the organization. And most importantly, the drone-based inspection you are suggesting to the boss should be fast, cost effective, efficient and have the ability to provide quality data.

Explain to the boss about other benefits such as increased safety for the workers as well as the potential to reduce equipment and insurance requirements. This is especially true for drone inspections in oil and gas industry, where safety is No.1 Concern. All in all, you should have all the facts that will convince the boss about how the drone based inspections will help your organization cut costs, improve the business operations and remain competitive.