Improve how you manage, analyze, and collaborate around drone inspection data with Qii.AI

By Amos Ndegwa  -  Apr 13,   2022



Asset inspection utilizing drone imaging in the industrial and commercial sectors has traditionally been a difficult and time-consuming process. A typical workflow starts with flights and data collection, then moves on to downloading images to a laptop, sifting through folders of sequentially named files, manually drawing circles on the images in drawing software and making notes in the margins, and finally putting it all together into a report. It is clearly inefficient and the product is not as meaningful as it could be due to technological limits. With tools and AI algorithms integrated into our software, Qii.AI is attempting to address this by removing the laborious, manual work of digital inspections and allowing inspectors, engineers, and decision-makers to focus on what really matters, quickly.


Qii.AI helps with data management and digital cooperation as part of a comprehensive digital inspection process. Rather than attempting to replace human involvement, our human-centric approach to software design and AI generation aids inspectors and engineers along every step of their natural workflow. You can improve how you handle, analyze, and cooperate with drone inspection data with Qii AI.


Digital inspections can save you a lot of time.

You don't have to go through thousands of photographs one by one to find flaws. Qii.AI will choose the best drone inspection images for your models for you automatically, such as photos with consistent focus lengths. Qii.AI will then annotate and highlight anomalies so you can quickly identify places that require your attention.

Take a 360-degree look at your assets.

Our photogrammetry technology will take your 2D photographs and produce 3D digital twins using structure from motion. These models provide immediate insight into how your assets have changed over time, allowing you to identify and correct flaws more quickly."


Big Impacts from a small amount of data

You can use Qii.AI to get a head start on your AI software by using small samples. Few-shot learning creates accurate machine learning models using data you already have. Your inspection result will improve your AI models as your inspection team works on Qii.AI, resulting in more accurate drone inspections in the future. 


Organize your data and stay on track with your team.

Qii.AI is a user-friendly cloud platform, it organizes your inspection photographs by asset, site, and inspection date. To acquire important insights into your asset health, you can additionally filter data by kind, severity, or status. Also, Qii.AI is cloud-based, so it can store large amounts of data and scale as you add more assets.


Allow your team access to the information they require while preserving strict data protection.

Manage all of your users from a single dashboard, where you can set different access levels for inspectors, customers, vendors, and other collaborators. is able to provide temporary access to team members, such as third-party drone pilots, so they may upload data without jeopardizing your data protection policy. Depending on your company and IT requirements, you may also run Qii.AI in the cloud or on premises.