Next Gen Metaverse Application: When Mixed Reality Meets Remote Inspection

By Olivia Tong  -  Feb 3,   2022



In January, Qii.AI attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES2022) at the digital capacity. This year, even though many big tech companies decided not to attend due to COVID considerations, the conference continued to be the place to be for tech trends, innovation, robotics, smart gadgets and cutting-edge products. 


Metaverse, AR & VR On the Spotlight 

With Meta’s (formerly known as Facebook) created awareness a few months ago, one of the most sought-after trends at CES2022 was Metaverse and a field of MR (mixed reality) technologies that support it. At the show, Microsoft announced its partnership with Qualcomm for developing AR glass chips. Numerous companies like Sony, Lenovo, HTC, Panasonic and others have also announced their AR & VR product releases at CES2022— indicating that the trend will continue. According to industry research, the virtual-reality and augmented-reality markets are expected to grow to nearly $600 billion by 2025.  


There is a lot of curiosity and discussion around how remote work will be affected when we all have the ability to dive deep into a digital reality. At the CES panel So, Your Office Is In the Metaverse, panelist Georgina Stevenson, VP Business Development at Sine Wave Entertainment mentioned that: “The Metaverse is an immersive environment where you can have the most natural conversations in the room… and you can switch to different environments whenever you want to.” She also compared the metaverse with today’s communication “friction” experienced with Zoom-type conferencing. Whereas in the metaverse, MR technology will realise more complicated tasks and leverage remote meetings to simulate real-world meeting rooms through creating immersive environments and digital self-representations.  


AR & Metaverse Applications in Industrial Inspections 

Other than the changes to remote office work to be realised in the Metaverse, there is also great potential for commercial practices such as industrial inspections to grow with MR technologies. Traditional industrial inspections require onsite human and facility resources, which consume planning and execution resources and effort. When it comes to AR-powered inspections, users are able to walk through the digital asset at anytime from any corner of the world, without weather interference or time constraints.  


One of the key drives to leverage AR technology in digital inspection is safety. Today, many manual inspections pose great risks for inspectors from climbing, moving traffic, pedestrians, and other hazards. Falling remains the leading cause of death in inspection-related accidents. With technology like AR, inspectors and other concerned parties can achieve the immediacy and detail of being up close, in-person to their subjects, whether they are bridges, transmission pylons, or nuclear cooling towers, without any of the physical risks, not to mention the time and other cost savings.  


Qii.AI’s AR Module Creates an Immersive Digital-Inspection Experience 

We can imagine that future inspection meetings will gather different stakeholders to have a holistic view of the digital asset to examine all the areas of anomaly using just a pair of AR glasses. The remote inspection workflow can be optimized in a highly efficient manner that saves gigantic costs of equipment and labour. Different stakeholders can collaborate in meetings conducted in the metaverse for a variety of purposes like reporting, maintenance planning and training. Qii.AI has embraced this vision in our latest AR module where you can directly start your inspection with a set of HoloLens glasses. Together with our digital twin technology, a high-fidelity model for your asset can be rendered and analyzed without physically being there at anytime. Contact us for a demo on our latest progress on our platform! 


Olivia Tong

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